Castlemere Officers

Meet Your Officers

The Officers of The Barony of Castlemere are here to serve and aid you in their individiual roles.

Please note, the information provided below has been collected from the individual officers and other past resources. The updating of said information is the sole responsibility of each officer involved. If, during review, you find an error or edit to be addressed, please do not hesitate to Email the Web Minister, who will happily update the Web site. All such updates should be made directly to the Web Minister, and not via the unofficial Castlemere mailing list. As the mailing list is an Unofficial resource of Castlemere's populace, the Web Minister is not required to review it and may miss your update. Thank you for your consideration as we work to keep this Web site updated.

Landed Nobility

Baron Gunther von Waldherz

MKA: Steven Riensche

Email Address:

Baroness Zayna Bint Sehsuva

MKA: Cynthia "Xena" Riensche

Email Address:


Honorable Lady Arabella Kelley

MKA: Kelly Bean

Email Address:


Baroness Kenet of Ravens Clough, OP

MKA: Kenet Muir

Email Address:

Telephone: 904-744-8732 (Please leave a message if no answer. I do not return calls if I have no idea who or why someone calls me. Please no calls after 9:30pm.)



Email Address:


Baroness Jehannette de Lille, OP

MKA: Julie Rider

Email Address:

Combat Marshals

Armored Combat Marshal -- Honorable Lord Albrecht Hartweck von Ansfelden

MKA: Al Davis

Email Address:

Rapier Marshal -- Vacant

Email Address:

Youth Combat Marshal -- Honorable Lord Albrecht Hartweck von Ansfelden

MKA: Al Davis

Email Address:

Archery Marshal -- Vacant

Email Address:

Arts and Sciences

Noble Hawisia de Groote

MKA: Kira Mauro

Email Address:


Lady Jacqueline Kathryn De Lyonnaise

MKA: Kay Horvath

Email Address:

Web Minister

Katherine Elinora le Vynour

MKA: Nora Parrish

Email Address: